martes, 27 de abril de 2010

Portada en Ingles de Canción de Mar.

If somebody wonders what or who I am, I would say...  well, the truth I guess. If I could do it, I’d raise my face up high and talk firmly: I am a figurehead, a sculpture made of wood with human shape that rock hanging between heaven and sea; between reality and nothing, an empty shell which used to be a person.
But it wasn’t always like that, I was human once and I had a young and beautiful mortal body; I had a name by then, one that seems only a memory now... Aileen.
Estas son las primeras lineas de mi novela traducida al ingles por Casiopeia Books.  Es emocionante saber que mi novela va a ser leída en otros idiomas me llena de alegría y una pizca de orgullo.